Why buy a home without someone on your side?


Buying a home is more then a monetary investment, it is an investment in your dreams and your future. It is a big decision and a personal one. This is why many people think they can purchase a home without a realtor – how can they understand your needs better then you can? You have in mind the perfect house and how much you want to spend.


Many people fail to foresee the potential difficulties when purchasing a home without the help of a realtor and end up overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, and unhappy with their purchase. Careful consideration needs to be given to not only the purchase price, but also the house condition, inclusions, exclusions, purchasing contract, future development, neighborhood interests.

With a solid understanding of real estate and the area, I will show you how to identify your needs and your dreams in a way that will have you succeed in reaching your goals.



Not all realtors are the same.

As an Accredited Buyer Representative, I REPRESENT YOU, the buyer.
You have access to all the properties that meet your needs, and you have access BEFORE new properties are listed on MLS.

You benefit from my experience, honesty, and objectivity.

You enjoy benefits and savings, including a FREE 1-Year Home Warranty, a FREE Home Appraisal, and more.

Together, we ensure that all details are taken care of, so you can focus on your new home and your future.

If you are ready to experience a new way to purchase your home, through a dedicated ABR professional, contact me and we can discuss your individual needs.

Warmest Regards,

Sheri Smith
Sales Representative
ordinary name; extraordinary service