A home inspection prior to purchasing your home or condominium can bring peace of mind when you sign the sales contract. Knowing what to expect, both inside and out, will help you make an informed decision about the value of the home and the future upkeep.

Most houses for sale today, old and new, have defects or repair needs. Some of these can be very serious and if not discovered prior to moving, could become costly. An un-anticipated repair could not only put a dent in your savings, it could potentially have adverse affects on your health by causing undue stress.

Defects often go un-noticed by the average person, but are quickly and accurately identified by a qualified home inspector. The smart consumer, therefore, will take the time to call in, and accompany, a professional home inspector for a thorough and impartial inspection of the condition of the house before making a final decision.

When enlisting my services, I will reimburse you the cost of your home inspection on successful completion of your home purchase.